Enhancing Brand Awareness Online with Anblik

Enhancing brand awarness with Anblik banner

Enhancing Brand Awareness Online with Anblik

These days, you don’t need fancy television ads or billboards to grow brand awareness. Some of the smartest ways to increase the value of your brand for your audience are free (or rather nearly-free)!

Having a reliable and trusted brand is essential for your company to thrive. If your target audience doesn’t comprehend or trust your brand, how will you ever increase your consumer base and sales?

But, what is brand awareness ideally?

A Broad Outlook

To explain it simply, it is the level of familiarity which the consumers can have with a particular brand.

Awareness encompasses more than just services or products. It can be formed around your culture, logo, name, or business values. Brand awareness is why you can make or break strong associations certain brands such as the visual of McDonald’s golden arches, or the Olympics’ five interlocking rings, so on and so forth.

Brand recognition is accomplished when your buyers and prospects have established instant associations with your brand. It’s a vanguard to other crucial concepts like brand value–which is how the customers are willing to spend higher for your products or services as compared to some other brand because of your customer experience.

All that being said, it is now clear how brand awareness is a staple element in nearly every successful marketing campaign and initiative. After all, nobody is advancing to buy anything from your company unless they have any idea you exist. Brand awareness is an essential fundamental step for any marketing strategy. If the end goal is to improve sales and lead conversions through long-term brand integrity and commitment, you must start by conceiving that initial awareness and exposure.

Visibility in Search

If you're speculating how to improve your online visibility, particularly for brand awareness, you need to start by reflecting on how you can grow your profile within search.

Search engines are the primary means the organizations use for finding pages and websites online. And if you want your brand or company to be more noticeable online, you need to assure your brand's visibility within search results connected to your company.

There are two primary sources of search visibility, which people pursue: organic search and paid search. Both these options can provide enormous value when appropriately implemented.

Paid search, as you know, involves displaying ads and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). While at Anblik, we acknowledge its inherent value, there is no denying how proper SEO marks can help get organic search results as well.

Improving visibility within organic search, particularly by link building, need expert suggestion. Links remain one of the moot points of Google's search algorithm even when there are so many amendments. And, to improve your visibility within search, one needs to make links a vital consideration for the online marketing campaigns. Building links are, still, one of the best ways to improve search visibility.

Links Increases Organic Search Presence

Links boost brand awareness purposes through an advanced organic search presence.

As mentioned, links are a primary ranking signal within Google’s algorithm. It is about building real and worthwhile links, which will lead to higher Google’s search results rankings.

Search engines are the primary way people obtain or look forward to getting information online. If you’re not in the best results for searches associated with your business, the online target audience will overlook your services and products. Reports show ~71% of searches ended in a person clicking on a page one result, with ~67% of those clicks fitting to the first five results.

By building quality and relevant links, you make signals of trust and authority to Google. This, in the long run, helps you move higher in their search results. Even if you’re already ranking in one of those top five places, it is required to pursue real links actively. Link building is a long term and continuous investment in the future. Several factors can influence your rankings if you rest on your laurels. Some of such factors include:

  • Competition – Understand that your competitors have not stopped building quality links just because you have
  • Organic link attrition – Sites come and go, and there are often some rapid changes in the web and, commonly, you might experience some link loss as time goes on
  • Negative SEO – Unfortunately, there are unsavory SEO practitioners out there who would instead work to depreciate your rankings rather than developing their own. All you need to do, while maintaining the right practices of the SEO, monitoring the backlinks to spot these attacks

Along with helping you develop and sustain these rankings, link building can also help you recover the ranks in the search results. In a recent Google Webmaster Central Hangout, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, suggested getting useful links is a positive signal. In the new algorithm update, this is something which is taken into consideration.

The bottom line is that creating relevant and useful links will help to improve the search results.

Also, improved search rankings mean better brand exposure and awareness, which is one of the most visible online marketing factors in online campaigning. If you want brand exposure through organic search, you need to optimize the link profile.

Google’s AdSense Auto Ads

Indeed paid ads are a great way to get your name and website listed on the top of the SERPs. To get it in front of your target audience is a tricky thing to gauge, but narrowing down the potential leads can help you get your pitch just right.

Google recently announced its new AdSense Auto ads. It is in which, publishers think it is the best place to create and optimize their commercials.

Auto Ads can be automatically placed on websites through machine learning technology. They help to find out what is best for your brand. Furthermore, they effectively reach your target audience, giving you a higher return on investment.

Facebook states that “When using the brand awareness objective, your ads will reach your audience up to 2 times every five days by default. Over a 4-week campaign that means people will see your ads around ten times.”


Building brand recognition or awareness is critical to a business lifetime progress. If you want to increase conversions and enhance sales, it's vital to get hands-on increase brand awareness.

Highly visible marketing channel like search is one of the best ways to improve online brand awareness. So, to sum up:

  • Utilize paid search strategies and best practices
  • Build useful and relevant links to increase search rankings
  • Gain exposure through equipped referral traffic from links on authoritative as well as related websites.

You want customers and potential buyers to have positive impressions when they think of your brand and company. As the digital world advances to become more ingrained in each of our daily lives, online marketing has an ever-increasing role.

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