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Node JS Framework

Choosing the Right Node.js Framework: Options and Comparisons

This might surprise you, but the truth is Node.js is 14 years old, introduced in 2009! Around 6.3 million websites used Node.js in 2023, being one of ...

website accessibility overlays

6 Reasons Why Website Accessibility Overlays Don’t Work

Website Accessibility Overlays have become the new jewels for which most website owners try to rush. But do these website accessibility overlays work?...

social media accessibility

Tips for Making Social Media Posts Accessible

Social media visuals can also present accessibility challenges. In this article, we will focus on social media by giving you tips for making Social Me...

Web Accessibility Lawsuit

How to Prevent ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits

There are five crucial ways to prevent ADA website accessibility lawsuits. The main ones are having an inclusive design and hiring accessibility profe...

ui design application

Best UI Design Applications Tools for Every Skill Level

Sketch and Figma have, for some time now, been the UX and UI designers' de facto primary design application tools. But before you jump into any of the...

7 mistakes newbie web designers

The Top 7 Mistakes Newbie Web Designers Make and How to Avoid Them

If you are a newbie web designer, you are probably excited to start building websites and making them look great. We know how eager you are to improve...

amazon fba reimbursement

3 Reasons Amazon Owes you Money with Amazon FBA Reimbursement

Discrepancies are missing amounts of money that are owed to you called Amazon FBA reimbursements.

Covid 19 Digital Accessibility

How Covid-19 changed the Landscape of Digital Accessibility

In today’s world, our generation has seen the growth of few apps to a million, the development of new apps every day has changed the modern world to...

best apps ideas

Best App Ideas That Could Change the World

In today’s world, our generation has seen the growth of few apps to a million, the development of new apps every day has changed the modern world to...

screen reader application

15 Most Popular Screen Readers Used By People With Visual Impairments Or Learning Disabilities

Today, a screen reader is essentially an important piece of software for a blind or visually impaired person that efficiently transmits the text displ...

color contrast analyzer

Top 15 Free Accessibility Tools to Check for Color Contrast

Whether you’re designing, developing or testing a user- interface component, the essential step is to make sure that your site is accessible to low ...

Accessibility Tools

Top 14 Free Accessibility Tools to Test Accessibility Issues

Is there a way to ensure that your website is user-friendly for those who have disabilities like colour blindness, hearing and other disadvantaged gro...