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How CAN WE HELP IN Web Design AND Development

We all have heard of terms such as static and dynamic talked about when discussing websites. We, being a team of experienced web developers have always helped our clients to understand the basic difference between these two concepts and look for what fits their business model.

Web Design

Why build a static site?

We have clients who request for building static sites that do not need to be updated regularly. Mainly based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, these sites are easiest to create as it requires no server-side processing. So, unless there's a complete redesign of the site or in the administrator, nothing on the page ever changes. Even then we keep considering factors such as user experience, ease of use, search engine optimization, and the other technical details.

Web Development

Why clients prefer a dynamic site?

Most of the sites we visit today are dynamic, that is you can interact with it. E-commerce sites, calendar, blogs, or to-do sites are some examples which use languages like PHP to interact with information stored them. Apart from web hosting, it requires databases or servers that would use a Content Management System to develop the site.


Our skilled web developers would:
• use WordPress to create the content for the website
• install a fitting theme relatable to the business model
• create a fully responsive layout and theme
• install plugins (including the advanced ones)
• configure robots.txt, sitemap.xml, sitemap.xml.gz to enhance search engine rankings
• promoting the website via customized RSS feed

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