Six Factors to Consider for a Suitable Web Host

Six Factors to Consider for a Suitable Web Host Blog Banner

Six Factors to Consider for a Suitable Web Host

Do you have any plans for building a website for your business? If yes, there is a crucial job you should consider doing first. It would help if you choose a suitable web host for your needs.
Selecting a web host often looks like an easy task by many web developers, which on the contrary can be pretty daunting. With such a wide range of companies promising to offer you unlimited resources, you might easily get driven to make a wrong decision. To assist you to make the correct choice, here are the top six factors you should keep in mind before choosing the service.

Find out the cost and other expenses

Price is the first thing which many amateur webmasters would like to consider, and it is entirely understandable why. However, the value is and should not be the only factor when it comes to selecting an appropriate web host. It should be the least important factor if your goal is to choose the proper web host for a website that will market products or services. If your purpose is to make money through your site, it is always advisable to shun cheap or free web hosting services to draw authentic visitors who can easily understand the difference between a shady website and an authentic one. The ones where you have to pay nothing or very little money for their hosting service lacks proper technical support. Extended downtime becomes inevitable in such conditions, and this will quickly translate to business losses. It is wiser to choose an expensive and utterly dedicated hosting service which is user-friendly and can be handled easily.

Understanding the technical support

If your website goes down for a reason entirely Greek to you, will the host offer immediate technical assistance to restore it the original condition? Before you jump into choosing a given service provider, make sure that they provide 24/7 customer support service through instant chat feature, email, toll-free telephone line or some other ticketing system. Try to find out whether the company’s staffs are competent enough to know what’s wrong with the website and have a thorough knowledge about how it can be fixed and rehosted. As you do your research, you will be able to understand that not all companies are equal even though they claim to provide the best after sales support and customer service. It is good to use a company which mostly provides tech help through a ticketing service, as it can solve the issue speedily and also helps keep a record of the communication.

Understanding the features

If you are seriously planning about making money via through your website, it is advisable not to pick a host which only provides servers. Try to find out what is that at least one unique feature which separates a host from the others. This add-on feature should be the one you would want to focus on for a proper outcome. It could be anything such as multiple data centre, regular data backups, or free domain privacy among others. If you find such a company which provides a vital add-on that you consider important and useful for your website and by extension your business, that should be the sign to work with it. For instance, if you want to host an e-commerce website and you are looking for a web host which can provide a shopping cart and an SSL certificate, find out about that given web host. Check out if it offers support for SMTP, autoresponders, email forwarders or IMAP among others. Website tools like galleries, forums, blogs and CMS are some of the free features which are found with any host.

Find out the customer reviews

Speaking about the core of the matter, most customer testimonials provided on most websites are not necessarily the opinions of real people. They are often not organic reviews. Hence, you need to be a bit creative as well as intuitive to find out the real-time information from people who have bought hosting services. You can study about the company on social media or do a proper online search for other information. Besides, it is always nice to be a little investigative and find out if there are any grievances or charges about them on the Better Business Bureau website.

Scope for growth and development

You will most certainly not in the same place in the next five years given where you are now. It is, therefore, essential, to pick a hosting service which will fit into your plans of business development. Precisely, what you think is adequate hosting now will certainly not meet your requirements in the next couple of years. One of the chief things to look out for in any given host that whether it has a dedicated server solution or a VPS solution. It shows that they will be able to support the growth in future.

User interface

It is not possible to edit your website without seeking help from the host’s technical support team if you do not have the control panel or user interface. Moreover, it shouldn't be just an interface but needs to be customer-friendly and should be smooth to operate and handle.

Conclusion & final suggestion

We at Anblik highly recommend checking sites like which can provide with all the necessary date required when you consider whom to choose for hosting. WPArena is yet another excellent site which offers handy tutorials and all the required information regarding WordPress hosting and themes. When done correctly, they can help to avoid malware attacks, loss of revenue, and poor search engine rankings in future.

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