Free Website Builder – Everything You need to Know

why you should use a free website builder

Free Website Builder – Everything You need to Know

Building a website needs a lot of time and experience. So once you're ready to start making a website for your business, you might be searching around for the best deals and are beginning to notice ones that are offering free services.
Contemporary website builders are the online platformswhich build ready-made and high-quality websites with many useful features.


Explaining Website Builders

Website builders, as the name suggests are all-in-one software tools which allow users to create a website swiftly, without needing to know any coding or specific site design skills. They typically include drag-and-drop editors which allow to build the webpages and create beautiful layouts without requiring any coding expertise.

Website Builder

The biggest advantage

The free website builders allow any non-coder to build and edit their website. With the drag and drop interface, the person can add content, images or change page navigations as required. Doing it yourself help to avoid the cost of hiring a professional and allows the company to invest that time into something more important. Website builders are generally free or have a minimum monthly fee, and many startups fail to have the option of hiring a professional, and this can be a great way to get started in building your web presence.

Reducing time

Designing the own website and hiring a website designer both have a common drawback: it takes much time to get the finished product ready. When you develop a site, you need to spend hours writing code and testing it to make sure it works correctly. If you hire a website designer, the person most likely has other clients, which means you need to wait several weeks before you get the complete website. With a website builder, you can make changes with just a few clicks, thus significantly reducing the amount of period it takes to finish the work otherwise.

Templates and designs

You do not require to be a graphic or website designer to create an engaging website. To build a novel look and feel for your site, you can choose from the dozens of templates available, and tweak the colors and font styles as and how you wish to! They also might also have access to a library of stock photos and graphics; thus saving you thousands of bucks. Find something relevant to your website’s topic and add it to your design to give your site a changed look.

There are three simple steps involved to launch your website.

  • Choose a template from the hundreds of designs which are available depicting style and various niches
  • With the revolutionary drag and drop website builder feature, you can create, alter, drag and drop images and texts as you wish. Adding maps, blogs, videos, and contact forms are easy
  • Choose your domain name and click publish. Even when released, you can still edit the website again and again.

Is there anything else?

Almost all website builders offer free plans but only as a starter plan. It’s a great marketing strategy and drives millions of signups. However, if you get yourself asking why this post against free website builders, the answer is to help you have an overall idea about the situation. The problem with most free website builders is even though they serve as a great starting place, somewhere down the line it might result to be inadequate. So, after some point, you need to either upgrade or switch to a new service and repeat the entire procedure.
However, one of the biggest downfalls of free website builders is their inability to be optimized for search engines. Although they have the basics in term of SEO such as the title tags, meta tags, and description tags, it is not all. Sometimes, these website builders create sites full of bloated, outdated code which makes it very hard for the search engines to read. So when you look for free website builders, check whether they allow a limited number of pages to publish or can support the expansion of your content with more pages.

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