6 Reasons why Free Shared Web Hosting can be bad for your Website

6 Reasons why Free Shared Web Hosting can be bad for your Website Blog Banner

6 Reasons why Free Shared Web Hosting can be bad for your Website

If you are planning to develop a website for your company or organisation, it is necessary to sign up with the proper web hosting plan well in advance. This is because, it will serve as the base of your online platform, with which you can upload and showcase the web contents to your virtual audiences effectively.

Presently, there are a lot of web hosting providers available online and many of them would claim to cost you nothing. But let's take a moment to explain the hidden secrets of these free hosting providers why not to use these free shared web hosting while developing any website.

Their Services are not actually free

The shared hosting solutions offer free web hosts to consumers, but the truth of the matter is they provide with a  limited portion of the server resources. This often becomes difficult when you require to host a personal blog site. Furthermore, when you require more space for your web contents or more bandwidth to control a bulk volume of traffic, these hosting services will cost you a lot. Additionally, you may find most tools or features not available with the free version. Once you ask for those tools, these web hosts will charge you extra money.

The Services are not secure

Like any other free services, a free hosting solution is also full of security loopholes. Critical security features such as SSL certificate, SSH access, and nightly website backup often not available with the free service providers in contrast to the paid hosting companies.

The free hosting solution service providers generally club a large number of websites into a single web machine.  With this, the website faces more security threats and dangers. Sometimes, the other websites in the same group can be illegal or have infected data with viruses. Understandably, this is bad for any website security.

However, the situation can significantly change if you choose the quality paid offers rather than the free ones. These hosting providers are any day better than the free ones because of the following reasons:

  • They set up advanced firewalls
  • Perform regular malware scans
  • Take daily backups

The Services are not reliable

Reliability is particularly important for any web hosting provider as it affects the uptime of the website immediately. It is also responsible for the reading experience of the audiences and affects the online ranking in the search engines indirectly. But with the free service providers, they can not promise facilities like that.

The cutting-edge data centres and quality servers make the bases of reliable hosting. Most quality hosting providers use branded server machines, and these are at the world-class server spaces. The free hosting providers, in contrast, adopt the low-quality web servers as they require to reduce their budgets. Furthermore, they rarely hire professional experts to adapt and improve these machines for efficient performance.

So, compared to the paid services, the free hosting users lead to frequent, grave and long-lasting downtime.

Free Hosting cannot ensure Fast Hosting

To give your website visitors a fluid web experience, quick page loading speed is mandatory. However, the free hosting solutions do not have a fast response time and might be up to 986 ms on average. But the quality and paid hosting providers may replace the HDD drives with the SSD drives and can even provide with the CDN service to boost the hosting performance. The paid providers set up the partnership with the various famous network providers for faster page loading speed.

The free hosting providers fail to apply all these factors only because of budget constraints.

Free hosting may inject the Advertisements

Honestly speaking, the free hosting providers need to make money as well. Some of them charge the customers for the additional hosting features while others put their advertisements on the website to generate the revenue.

But the most terrible thing about advertisement is that one can not control it. In fact, most of the time, the ads may not fit your web content. In fact, they can take up a large portion of the webpage and might ruin the overall style of the website. These are some optional challenges faced by free hosting providers.

Free Hosting rarely promise helpful support

24/7, responsive technical support is genuinely essential for web hosting providers. Prompt technical support is only available with the paid providers. If you require the same from the free hosting services, they are usually pretty expensive.

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