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UsabilityHub is an unmoderated user research platform that allows designers, marketers, researchers, and product leaders to test their designs with real users to gain valuable insights.

The platform offers a range of powerful testing tools, including prototype task sections, click test sections, five-second test sections, design survey sections, and preference test sections. UsabilityHub is intuitive and easy to use, providing fast and actionable feedback that allows teams to iterate and improve their designs quickly.

The key benefit of UsabilityHub is that it can save time and money while improving user engagement and increasing conversion rates. The platform is cost-effective, with flexible pricing to access valuable user insights.

UsabilityHub is designed for running tests with PNG, JPG, GIF, MP3, MP4, and Figma prototype files, making it easy to test designs exported from tools like Sketch, Invision, or Balsamiq, screenshots from live sites, or even photographs of sketches.

UsabilityHub allows users to recruit participants from their own audience or order responses from their panel. Users can set target demographics per order, including country, age, education level, devices, gender, language, employment status, annual household income, technical proficiency, and daily hours online.
Its range of testing tools, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness make it valuable.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    UsabilityHub is a lifesaver for anyone who cares about creating user-friendly designs. As someone who’s worked with various website usability testing tools, I know this platform is one of the best in the business.

    Its powerful testing tools, such as prototype task sections, click test sections, and five-second test sections, are easy to use and provide valuable insights into user behaviour.

    UsabilityHub saves you time and money without compromising the quality of user engagement. And its compatibility with a wide range of file types and prototyping tools also sets it apart from the competition.
    Whether you’re working with Sketch, Invision, or Balsamiq, UsabilityHub makes it easy to test your designs and iterate quickly.

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