Mouseflow is a leading behaviour analytics platform that helps businesses optimize website experiences to improve conversions. With over 190,000 clients worldwide, Mouseflow offers insights into user behaviour that traditional analytics tools cannot provide.

Video recordings of website visitor sessions, which help users understand what happens between clicks, are its key benefits. It also provides six types of automated heatmaps, allowing businesses to identify what captures visitors’ attention and feedback campaigns to learn more about visitors. Additionally, users can set up funnels to track where visitors drop and use form analytics to enhance lead generation.

Mouseflow’s powerful filtering options are available in all plans, allowing users to analyze data and identify website issues easily. The platform’s friction score machine learning tool helps users filter visits and focus on fixing problems rather than finding them. Mouseflow’s ecosystem of tools works together to empower teams and drive better, more confident decisions.

Whether a large corporation or a small business, Mouseflow helps companies to unlock optimization opportunities. With its comprehensive range of features and benefits, Mouseflow is a robust platform that provides businesses with valuable insights into user behaviour that traditional analytics tools cannot offer.

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2 reviews for MouseFlow.com

  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Mouseflow is a powerful web analytics platform that provides you with a lot of statistics and features to work around with. Credit to Mouseflow for being such a fabulous product! It’s incredibly easy to monitor user behaviour on a website/app. Thanks, guys!

  2. Shivaji Mitra

    Mouseflow is an excellent tool for optimizing their website experience and improving conversions.
    The video recordings of website visitor sessions are a personal favourite of mine. I’ve learned so much about what visitors like and what they don’t, and it’s helped me improve the website experience for everyone.

    But that’s not all – the heatmaps are also fantastic. Seeing where visitors click, hover, and scroll is like having an X-ray vision of your website. And the funnels are a great way to track where visitors drop off and improve conversion rates.

    Its filtering options and friction score machine learning tool make analyzing data quick and identifying issues easy.

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