BrowserStack is a comprehensive software testing platform that provides developers and QASs with access to a cloud platform that allows them to test their websites and mobile applications across 3,500+ real mobile devices and browsers. With over 50,000 customers, including Accenture, eBay, Mollie, Razorpay, Typeform, Primer, and PLAID, BrowserStack is a top choice for website usability testing.

BrowserStack replaces the need for teams to own and manage a complex in-house test infrastructure. Companies can quickly test their websites on different devices, operating systems, and browser engines to ensure they render correctly, providing a good user experience for all customers.

BrowserStack’s features are exceptional, including instant access to 2,000+ real mobile devices and browsers, which include real iOS and Android devices, Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari.

The capability of running hundreds of tests concurrently, which can be more than 10x the speed at which your test suite is executed, is another feature of BrowserStack. This functionality benefits businesses that test numerous websites or applications at once.

With its comprehensive features, fast execution time, and ease of use, it is no surprise that BrowserStack powers over two million daily tests across 19 global data centres.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    As a developer, this software testing platform is a lifesaver when testing websites and mobile applications across multiple devices and browsers.

    With over 3,500 real devices and browsers at my fingertips, I can test my projects on almost any combination of operating systems, browsers, and screen sizes imaginable.

    The best part? I don’t need to buy, set up, or maintain any hardware, saving me both time and money. The cloud-based platform means I can access and run tests faster from anywhere worldwide.

    Plus, the comprehensive reports and actionable insights help me quickly identify and resolve any issues.

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