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One Click Accessibility is one of the best WordPress plugins that helps make your WordPress website more accessible. This plugin is designed to address common accessibility issues and improve the user experience for people with disabilities.

One Click Accessibility is an easy-to-use plugin. It's compatible with any WordPress theme, and once installed, the plugin adds a range of accessibility features to your site with a minimum amount of setup.

The accessibility toolbar is its most helpful feature. It provides a range of options to improve the readability and usability of your site. This toolbar allows you to adjust the font size, switch to grayscale or negative contrast, and enable high contrast or light backgrounds. You can also underline links, use a more readable font, and provide links to sitemap, feedback, and help pages.

In addition to the toolbar, it has other valuable features like the “skip to content” links to help users navigate your site more efficiently, add outline focus to focusable elements, and remove the target attribute from links. The plugin also adds landmark roles to all links and provides a customizer for style adjustments.

Overall, it is a fast and effective way to make your website more accessible.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    One Click Accessibility by Pojo is a very popular WordPress Plugin. Highly Recommended.

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