Inspectlet is a web heat mapping tool that records videos of your site visitors, allowing you to see everything they do, including mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, and key presses. Its mature filtering capabilities let you find exactly the visitors you're interested in watching, and its javascript tagging API allows you to send any metadata you want to associate with a user or a session so that you can filter against it.

Inspectlet specializes in web and user experience analytics, making understanding each visitor's unique perspective easy. It can help you discover where visitors need clarification on your site and what's getting their attention.

With Inspectlet, you can watch individual visitor behaviour on your site with session recording, tag your sessions and users, and capture exciting events. It is compatible with all the latest technologies, including single-page apps, dynamic javascript, cookies, login/authentication, HTTPS/SSL, and more, with no integration required.

Inspectlet is mainly used for session replay, allowing you to review user experience in real-time and understand your site from the customer's perspective.

Overall, its features and benefits have helped users unearth issues tied to their site that they would never have been able to uncover with just error tracking.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Inspectlet is a very popular Website usability testing tools. Highly Recommended.

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