$60.00 is a drag-and-drop cloud-based platform with visual development tools and integrated back-end services. This mobile app builder runs completely in the cloud, so there is nothing to install or download, which makes it easy to build and launch your app without much coding skill.

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Description is a cloud-based mobile app builder that you can use to create apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It includes Apache Cordova (Phone Gap) with access to its built-in components.

Since the builder runs in the cloud, there's nothing to install or download, and it's very easy to get started. includes a visual editor using drag and drop components to build the Frontend. You can connect to any REST API and use it in your app, and instantly add a cloud database and backend to your app if you need to store data. You can add powerful functionality with the plug-in catalog, or create your own custom private plug-in to use in your apps. It also allows you to share your mobile project with development teams, business users and customers in real time.

1. Cross-Platform Development

  • With the App Builder, you can create mobile and responsive apps that run on all major device platforms including iOS and android, all from a single codebase.
  • Create hybrid apps that behave like native but use common APIs that run consistently across iOS, and Android devices. With built-in support for popular frameworks like Apache Cordova (a.k.a. PhoneGap), Ionic, and jQuery Mobile, give your apps the power of fully native apps without the extra cost and time. Easily add third-party plug-ins for PhoneGap to get even more power from this framework.
  • It’s easy to build responsive web apps that will run across all device types and screen sizes. With built-in support for Bootstrap, the most popular responsive UI framework, your apps look great across all device form factors.

2. Visual Development

  • Quickly build complete user experiences with jQuery Mobile, Ionic, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and HTML5 components inside the Visual Editor. Building your UI couldn’t get much easier: simply drag-and-drop the components to build the UI.
  • Quickly create an app with one of their pre installed templates or your own custom template.
  • Quickly bind services to the UI with the drag-and-drop Visual Data Mapping Editor. You can even write custom JavaScript to be applied during mapping.

3. Customization + Advanced Development

  • Increase productivity and leverage your existing skills with built-in support for the most popular JavaScript frameworks: jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Ionic. (Easily add third-party plug-ins for PhoneGap to get even more power from this framework.)
  • Create any number of custom UI components for faster reuse and customization.
  • You can write any custom JavaScript or CSS code and include any JavaScript library.
  • Use over 30 out-of-the box jQuery Mobile themes or create any number of custom themes.
  • Visually define storage variables and their types. Use the Storage API to manage variables.
  • Take full advantage of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern to improve reusability and productivity.
  • Edit HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS on the client side, enabling complete customization, flexibility, and app branding.

4. App Deployment

  • Build complete apps for Android and iOS directly from the platform. Scan the QR code when it’s ready to download or send a link of the binary to others.
  • Apps built with are ready to submit to public markets such as Google Play and the Apple Store to enterprise app markets. Then, with the Automatic Updates feature enabled, the apps can update directly from the platform bypassing the store.
  • You can export pure app sources as HTML5/CSS or as a ready-to-use IDE project for Android (Eclipse project), and iOS (xCode project).
  • With an HTML5 app, you can instantly test the app in the browser or on your phone. You can also share the app link with other users or clients for instant feedback.
  • With the Mobile Tester (Android or iOS) you or anyone else can instantly discover and test your apps on a device without installing them. This is ideal for testing native device features or for demonstrating your apps on a target device.

5. Administration

  • The Customer Console enables business users and clients to edit app data and send push notifications from a user-friendly, branded console, without needing to sign into the platform with developer credentials.
  • provides a secure place where you can store all your certificates. These certificates can then be used to build binaries such as IPAs or APKs.
  • Collaborate and share your mobile project with team members, designers, business users, and customers in real time. Because the projects are stored in the cloud, and can be easily opened by multiple team members.
  • Select roles for your teammates and manage their permissions (Read, Write, Delete) to resources (apps, database, Server Code, etc.).
  • Save multiple versions of your apps, back them up to your PC, and easily restore the whole app from the backup.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    The app builder generates HTML5, jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Apache Cordova code, and the build server generates iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and HTML5 apps. The MBaaS provides hosting, a MongoDB database, push notifications, JavaScript server code, and a secure proxy. The ONLY drag-and-drop cloud-based platform – While other app maker platforms would require you to download and install certain hardware and software on your computer, has no need of these since it is purely cloud-based. The platform runs completely on the cloud and not on your computer which makes it easier and faster to build and launch your applications.

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