GoodBarber is an app builder started in 2011. We present a tool which enables the creation of sturdy and great apps, with the excellent design and user experience out there. GoodBarber’s mission is to offer technology available on both the website and the mobile. Thanks to the 30,000+ apps using GoodBarber today, we have been regulating investment in Research & Development, with ownership costs divided by 20 for our clients.

GoodBarber allows you to build an app, submit it to the stores and enjoy all the related benefits they: perceptibility through ASO and reputation through user’s remarks and ratings. It’s to keep these goals that we regularly rethink the way we build our Elegant Apps. This is an example of our bold positioning: the choice to create native apps when we designed GoodBarber, now connected with the next generation of apps, Progressive Web Apps.

GoodBarber has reinvented itself time and time again: originally targeted to content journalists, we immediately placed ourselves for a product which could meet new requirements, supporting Local Businesses and Communities to join in the application production process, with the exceptional user experience.

Plans & Pricing

Android Standard (NATIVE APP)

$ 36.40 / Month (Billed Yearly)

Android Full (NATIVE APP)

$ 54.60 / Month (Billed Yearly)

iOS Premium (NATIVE APP)

$ 109.20 / Month (Billed Yearly)

Native Reseller

$ 227.51 / Month (Billed Yearly)


$ 17.06 / Month (Billed Yearly)


$ 28.44 / Month (Billed Yearly)


$ 170.63 / Month (Billed Yearly)


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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    GoodBarber, an application builder based on the island of Corsica, prides itself on offering users to build attractive looking applications without any prior knowledge or expertise. One of the most user-friendly application makers out there, with a genuine editor. Several application authors are focused primarily on features, while GoodBarber’s strategy is to put design and user experience front and centre. In my view, GoodBarber offers a great mix of feature options and ease-of-use. It does take a slight tinkering around with to become familiar with the features and interface, but it’s still dragging and drop app creator.

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