Right now GoodBarber is the best app maker in the market for small business. It is both affordable and easy to use, and also offers huge number of features, customization options and excellent customer service with no extra cost.

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GoodBarber provides a platform to build iPhone and Android apps, allowing you to control of everything in your app without any technical knowledge. Many colorful and highly customizable design templates are available to start design your App. There are 350 beautiful icons available and you have access to over 600 Google Fonts.

With GoodBarber, you will get everything you need to create your own iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5 apps using their affordable pricing model. Once you have your Developer's Account in Apple and Google Play Store, you will be able to submit your App.

You will receive immediate visual feedback whenever you adjust any parameters in your mobile app. It sends unique and actionable push notifications and converts your viewers into contributors by letting them post articles, photos and videos.

Design – You can choose your preferable theme from 50+ pre-made and professional looking themes. You will also be able to change color schemes to fit your brand. You can choose your preferable navigation system for your app. Other design options include custom Splash screens, images, icons and logos.

Content – GoodBarber also allow you to add a wide range of content to your app, such as articles, photos and videos, custom pages, social media, maps, calendars, and forms.

Preview – In GoodBarber you can review your app on your computer screen in real time as you make any changes. You can also preview the app on your mobile device by downloading the My GoodBarber app and then sign in to check how exactly your app will look on your mobile.

Publish – The moment you press the “Publish” button, the program will generate the ipa/apk files for submitting to the Apple/Google Play store. The system will automatically check your entire app to ensure everything is ok if not, it will notify you if anything is missing and will guide you to complete those unfinished tasks before submission.
GoodBarber offer a paid service called “GoodBarber takes care” with which their team will take care of the submission process to Stores.

Features –

  • GoodBarber covers a wide range of industry that’s why it's available to all types of businesses like small businesses, bars and restaurants, e-commerce, media publishing and blogs, music and radio service providers etc.
  • In addition to customize your app design, colors GoodBarber also gives you provision to create your own plugins.
  • It automatically loads all the content from your website, blog and other sources.
  • With push notification option, you can schedule messages, manage groups and organize recipients.
  • GoodBarber works with only Amazon, Shopify and Etsy as of now with whom you can easily sell your products from your app. The moment you click on the ecommerce button to add your information, they will automatically load your entire store onto the app.
  • It display and sync the contents from your Social Network account.
  • They also easily let you share your calendar to invite users for special events. They support many different calendar and scheduling tool like iCal, Google Calendar, Facebook Events, WM Events etc.
  • It displays feature-rich maps showing directions to your business and along with that it also add interactive content like photos and videos to specific location points.
  • You can add custom forms such as event registration forms, contests, orders and many others.
  • GoodBarber provides excellent analytic tools which will give you access to monitor you traffic information such as overall launches, page views, unique sessions and other metrics. You can also create device specific reports to compare user.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    GoodBarber, an app builder based on the island of Corsica, prides itself on allowing users to create beautiful looking apps without any prior experience. One of the most user-friendly app makers out there, with a good editor. Many app makers are focused primarily on features, while GoodBarber’s approach is to put design and user experience front and center. This does not mean that GoodBarber skimps on features, though. In fact, there are numerous content integration options available within most categories, such as: social networking, news/articles, calendars, audio/video, and eCommerce. Software is tricky. In my view, GoodBarber offers a good mix of feature options and ease-of-use. It does take a little tinkering around with to become familiar with the interface and features, but it’s still a drag and drop app creator.

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