Mobincube is a budget-friendly app builder which you can use to create unlimited apps for your business. With the various pricing options available, users can choose the one that suit their business the best, or they can even start building apps for free with this tool.

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Mobincube is an app building tool provided by a Spanish startup company. Mobincube provide an easy-to-use app building tool which help to build an app with a few clicks and without any programming knowledge. Using Mobincube mobile application builder user can just click, drag, and drop the visual image into the app builder and build their apps from scratch.

Mobincube offers a huge range of customization tools and features that make any app unique according to the user requirement. Using Mobincube there is no download limit for your apps, and you can let millions of users to download your apps without any problem. You can also publish your app on any mobile platform that you want to use, whether it is android, iOS, Windows Phone, or Kindle. User can create their own online shop with Mobincube by configuring their app with payment gateway like PayPal.

Features –

  • ONLINE SHOP – Create mobile stores and boost your sales
  • MONETIZATION – You can earn money with ads inside your app
  • DESIGN – Customize every little detail in your app
  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – Communicate with your users
  • NAVIGATION BARS – Add as many interactive bars as you wish
  • AUDIO & VIDEO – Place videos, play audios, stream content
  • GOOGLE MAPS – Add your own POIs on online maps
  • SOURCE CODE – Develop your own advanced functionalities
  • EMBED WEB – Integrate 3rd party solutions within your app
  • DATABASES – Add large databases and decide how to show the info
  • REMOTE CONTENT – Online content can be updated on the fly
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS – Learn from your users in order to improve your app

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    Mobincube is a budget-friendly app building tool that you can use to create unlimited apps for your business. With Mobincube, you can easily Build an Android, iPhone and Windows app. It’s a fact, you really need to own an App. You can look for someone to develop it for you or just build it yourself with Mobincube for FREE. No coding required! You can Earn money with your own apps using Mobincube. Building your Apps FOR FREE with Mobincube, they will include some ads inside them and you’ll earn 70% of the revenue from advertisement. It’s such simple: the more Apps you publish, the more money you’ll make.

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