VEVS is a website builder launched in 2015 by StivaSoft, a web design company based in Bulgaria. VEVS has positioned itself as a platform that helps users improve their business’s online presence through enhanced visual appeal and functionality.

One of the critical features of VEVS is its focus on specific industries such as car rentals, car dealerships, vacation rentals, job portals, yacht and boat rentals, real estate, and holiday properties. This targeted approach enables businesses to create customized websites that meet the unique needs of their industry.VEVS offers a range of features that make it easy for users to build and manage their websites. It includes ready-made and custom website designs, a content management system for on-site editing, business software for crucial functionalities, and professional customer support at all stages. Additionally, VEVS offers custom modifications upon request, add-ons, and extra services to help businesses tailor their websites to their needs.

One area where VEVS stands out is its commitment to customer service. The platform provides professional support throughout the entire website building process, from design and development to maintenance and updates. It ensures businesses can rely on VEVS to help them navigate any issues or questions.

In summary, VEVS is a website builder that caters to specific industries and offers a range of features to help businesses create a customized online presence. With its ready-made and custom designs, content management system, business software, and professional customer support, VEVS is a strong option for businesses looking to establish or enhance their online presence.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    The latest upgrade of VEVS Website Builder allows the consumer to modify the design of all of their website’s pages. Users can now prefer from 5 separate page layouts. This design tweak gets to prove determined efforts to support all customer tastes and choices. The excellent thing is you don’t require any external IT support. A user can modify page designs anytime you require. Attach this to the 10 different color, font and style themes already available with VEVS Website Builder and you will have a fabulous set of sequences! (Please, note that you can only change the color scheme for the whole site, not for a particular page.) Thus, you do not just have a robust, fully implemented business website, but a one that attains out with a fresh, attention-grabbing and diverse design.

  2. Shivaji Mitra

    VEVS is the website builder that’s got it all! As an experienced website builder, I’ve seen my fair share of platforms. Still, VEVS stands out for its commitment to helping businesses create customized online presences that meet their unique needs.

    The platform’s focus on specific industries, such as car, vacation, and yacht and boat rentals, is a game-changer for businesses looking to stand out. The range of features available, including ready-made and custom website designs, content management systems, business software, and professional customer support, make building and managing a website on VEVS a breeze.

    I can’t recommend VEVS enough for anyone looking to create a customized online presence that truly reflects their business’s unique personality and needs.

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