VEVS is a creative webshop delivering fully featured website solutions to a wide range of businesses. They are providing Responsive Design, Smart CMS, Business Software, Custom Modification and Free Support to their Clients.

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Description is a Website Builder launched in the year 2015 by StivaSoft, a renowned Web Design farm from Bulgaria. With their website builder they have laid the grounds for new online presence by shaping its visual appearance and structure.

VEVS website builder is focused on supplying selected industries like Car Dealer Websites, Car Rental Websites, Vacation Rental Websites, Job Portal Websites, Yacht & Boat Websites, Real-estate Websites, and Holiday Property Websites. Features:

  • Ready-made and custom website design
  • Content management system and on-site editing
  • Business software providing key functionalities
  • Professional customer support at all stages
  • Custom modifications upon request
  • Add-ons & Extra services

Additional information

Car Dealer Website

$ 35.00 / Month

Car Rental Website

$ 37.00 / Month

Vacation Rental Website

$ 31.00 / Month

Job Portal Website

$ 31.00 / Month

Yacht & Boat Website

$ 46.00 / Month

Real Estate Website

$ 31.00 / Month

Holiday Property Website

$ 37.00 / Month

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  1. 5 out of 5

    The latest upgrade of VEVS Website Builder enables users to change the layout of each of their website’s pages. Users can now choose from 5 different page layouts. This design tweak comes to prove ambitious efforts to accommodate all customer tastes and preferences. The coolest thing is you don’t need any external IT support and can “shuffle” page layouts anytime you want. Add this to the 10 different color, font and style themes already available with VEVS Website Builder and you will have a great set of combinations! (Please, note that you can only change the color scheme for the whole site, not for a particular page.) Thus, you not just have a powerful, fully fitted business website, but a one that stands out with a modern, attention-grabbing and varied design.

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