Doodlekit.com has many templates as you require from their template builder library. There is no boundary to how several you can select. All templates are free. Use their free website builder tools to customize the library templates. Design templates with our template wizard or begins from scratch.

Share your uniquely designed templates. Export and import templates with other members. Build your own library.

Select template patterns and textures of your preference from our website builder's immense collection of background images. Choose different web page elements and add colors.
Add different colored border effects to different sections of your website. Create a website with shadows, wood trim, stitches, torn paper, and more.

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$ 10.00 / Month


$ 24.00 / Month


$ 40.00 / Month

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    In Doodlekit.com all templates are basically Free. One can choose multiple or let’s say as many as you can from the template library. They are also fully customizable with their free website builder tool. A user can also import or export their own customize themes with other members. Highly Recommended.

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