Cashfree Payments is a versatile payment and banking technology company in India, providing solutions to over 300,000 businesses for payment collections and payouts.

The platform offers various solutions, including vendor payouts, wage payouts, bulk refunds, and more, making it a flexible platform for multiple use cases. The API banking platform, Payouts, allows businesses to send money instantly 24×7 to any bank account, UPI ID, card, or wallet with simple API integration. They offer advanced APIs for their customers to use.

The advanced payment gateway provides features like instant refunds and card preauthorization, providing a hassle-free payment experience for customers. Cashfree Payments is also integrated with major platforms like Shopify, Paypal, Amazon Pay, and more, making it easy for businesses to integrate their services with other popular platforms.

Cashfree Payments typical users include Small Businesses, Mid-Size Businesses, Large Enterprises, Non-Profit, and Public Administrations, among others.

Trusted by leading internet companies like Cred, BigBasket, and Zomato, Cashfree Payments is a reliable and efficient choice for businesses of all sizes in India.

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3 reviews for Cashfree

  1. Shivaji Mitra

    The online payment business in India has been booming for quite some time now, and it has gained a potential saviour with the business of a company called Cashfree. It’s a stable and secure Payment gateway solution for India with flexible, developer-friendly API and easy commercial pricing.

  2. Poorva patil

    Unsatisfied. Their customer service is really bad, very unprofessional, lead back attitude then have. Their customer service is not customer friendly at all. They are not here to help at all. They just flatly say “no we can’t do anything to help you in this, sorry you can discontinue our service” if you ask them queries or need help with their payment gateway integration and so on.

  3. Ramakanta Mohanty

    Customer support service is really very poor. I have contacted cashfree.com team several times but my issue not yet solved since last 20days. I suggest all not to use this payment gateway while making online payment to any online shopping merchants.
    I have suffered a lot . cashfree.com payment gateway is playing illegal agent of fraud merchants like go2shop.in

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