IndiaPay offers an international internet-overlay payment platform aimed at providing a reliable, secure, real-time transaction administration. Transactions happen at the Point of Sale through either our dial, IP or Host-to-Host communications network and present in the corresponding banking or private network field.

The network is there to manage any type of real-time data like any financial transactions including paper Cheques (India only), Credit Card (Pin and Pin-less) Check (Authorization, Verification, and Guarantee), Debit Card, ACH (Debit, Credit, Conversation and Imaging), UPI and micro-payments as well as semi-financial network transactions including Loyalty, Prepaid, Rewards, Stored Value, Gift and other non-financial means.

It is a high value-add service allowing store owners, organisations, banks as well as their consumers to achieve significant efficiency and performance using mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Companies profit by decreasing their marketing expenses, go to the market time, payment processing and gathering effort and banks by reducing transaction values and better consumer service. Consumers also benefit from excellent control over their payments as well as luxury ordering over mobile from anywhere.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    IndiaPay, the country’s well-known national card payment system, similar to MasterCard and Visa. Since 1996, IndiaPay has been one of the best providers of payment gateway services. IndiaPay Payment Engine Started in India An enterprise-wide online payment processing platform for commercial payments between suppliers, buyers and their financial organisations. The IndiaPay Payment Engine is an end-to-end, comprehensive, modular solution that offers several key areas.

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