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Why Not Use the Free Shared Web Hosting When Developing Your Website

Before creating and developing a website, you have to sign up with the proper web hosting plan in advance. It is the base of your online platform, with which you can upload and showcase your web contents to countless audiences effectively. At present, there are a large number of web hosting providers you can find online, some of which claim to cost you nothing. This time, we'd like to unveil the secrets of these free hosting providers and tell you why you should not use the free shared web hosting when developing your website. (more…)

Selecting A Suitable Web Host – Six Factors You Must Consider

Are you building a website for your business? If so, there is a very important task you should do first. This is choosing a suitable web host for your needs. Selecting a web host may look like an easy task while it is, in fact, daunting. With so many companies promising to offer you unlimited resources, 99 percent uptime and solid technical support; you could easily make the wrong decision. To assist you make the right choice, here are six factors you want to consider. (more…)

Top 5 Misconceptions of a Free Website Builder

For those debuting into the world wide web and wondering how you reach the online community using this powerful tool or if you just need a website to promote your products or services but don’t have a clue where to start and don’t have the resources to hire someone to build one for you, you can use a website builder. In your floundering about the world wide web, you have read about blogs and related information, but you don’t even know what a website builder is in the first place.

Reasons to Build Site with Free Website Builder

The days when people used flyers, newspapers, magazines, television, radio and any other print or electronic media to advertise their wares, has long been revolutionized by the internet and the world wide web. This generation no longer goes to the mentioned media to find stuff they want. They just go to the internet and surf for their desired object and purchase it online. Internet is becoming one stop destination for all the informational and shopping needs.