Wix is a website builder that packs many comprehensive website-building tools, including pre-designed templates, drag-and-drop editing, e-commerce arrangements, etc. Their templates are already sufficiently thorough and well thought-out, but you have complete artistic freedom to modify a preset template. That means you get exactly the website or e-commerce site that you have conceptualized in your head.

Overall, Wix bombards you with many tools, features, and modification options~ so much so that it might even leave you feeling a little dizzy or overwhelmed. While Wix does all the hard work for you, it might give you little control over your website's technical aspects, for instance, the number of updates your website will need. You need no coding knowledge to build the perfect website for your needs, ensuring a user-friendly interface— this is why Wix has a vast customer base worldwide. Wix only sometimes qualifies as the most
affordable website builder because their prices are not lower. However, that generally doesn't stand in the way of a steadily growing number of satisfied customers.

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$ 0.97 / Month


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$ 2.75 / Month

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Around 100 million people in 180 countries choose Wix. People with all kind of businesses & profession are there. Artists, online store owners, architects, doctors, dog walkers, brides, bloggers, event managers, photographers, lawyers, and more choose Wix easy website builder. For me, I will always recommend Wix!

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