Wibmo is a full-stack PayTech company that offers cutting-edge digital payment solutions to businesses, banks, and consumers. As a leading player in the payment security and digital payments industry, Wibmo provides various solutions that power growth across multiple sectors.

Wibmo’s best feature is its hosted payment gateway that allows merchants to accept payments through debit/credit cards, Net Banking, POS, and local payment methods. This feature makes it easier for businesses to accept customer payments, regardless of their preferred payment method. Wibmo also provides a white-label mobile wallet app to banks, which comes with features such as card linking, fund transfer, payments through QR codes at offline stores, UPI transfer, and more.

In addition to its payment gateway and mobile wallet app, Wibmo offers prepaid cards, B2B payment solutions, and risk and fraud management services. With its vast value proposition and global footprint, Wibmo is the only merchant acquiring, prepaid, and fraud management platform that is 3DS2.0 certified. This feature makes it a reliable and secure option for businesses seeking a payment gateway provider.

Finally, the acquisition of Wibmo by PayU in 2019 further highlights the company’s strong pedigree and commitment to providing top-notch payment solutions to its customers.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Wibmo! Where do I begin? As someone who has experienced several online payment gateways, I must say Wibmo is exceptional! The variety of payment options it offers is unmatched, and its hosted payment gateway is the icing on the cake.

    I love how Wibmo’s payment gateway makes accepting payments a breeze and supports all my customers’ preferred payment methods. Their mobile wallet app is incredible.

    That’s not all; Wibmo offers prepaid cards, B2B payment solutions, and top-of-the-line risk and fraud management services. And did I mention that it’s the only platform that is 3DS2.0 certified? Talk about security!

    Wibmo’s vast value proposition and global reach make it a powerful digital payment solution.

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