TATA CLiQ is an authentic and seamless online shopping destination offering a wide range of products from top brands and authorized resellers from India and worldwide.

The platform provides a Phygital experience, combining the convenience of online shopping with the assurance of buying from brick-and-mortar stores. Their ‘CLiQ and PiQ’ and ‘QUiQ Exchange’ services allow easy pickup and return of purchases at partner stores across India.

TATA CLiQ offers an extensive selection of fashion, luxury, electronics, and jewellery from top Indian and international brands, including the Luxury CLiQue, the country’s largest online luxury destination, and IndiLuxe, a boutique of Indian luxury brands celebrating craftsmanship and culture.

Furthermore, the platform provides excellent product offers and prices, easy EMI options, and hassle-free returns.

TATA CLiQ’s shopping app for Android and iOS provides the latest styles, incredible offers, and flexible shopping options. With a perfect blend of online and offline shopping, TATA CLiQ is the go-to choice for online shoppers seeking an immersive shopping experience.

Overall, with its Phygital experience and shopping app, TATA CLiQ provides the perfect blend of online and offline shopping, making it the best choice for online shoppers.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Like a digital life mall, Tata CLiQ is a one-click shopping hub for all the shopping demands. I had a wonderful encounter with CLiQ from purchasing garments to footwear and even gadgets. Their delivery always happens on time. The response from the consumer service is on time, and the pricing is reasonable. Altogether I would strongly recommend Tata CLiQ.

  2. Shivaji Mitra

    Tatacliq.com has everything, from the latest fashion to top-of-the-line electronics, all at fantastic prices; that’s why shopping is like a dream come true!

    It offers a unique Phygital experience that combines online shopping with the comfort of physical stores. The CliQ and PiQ service is impressive, allowing me to pick up my orders from a nearby store and saving me from waiting for deliveries.

    Additionally, this platform has the best luxury brands in India, and their IndiLuxe section is a treasure trove of beautiful Indian designer wear. I particularly love their easy EMI options and hassle-free returns, which make shopping here a breeze.

    The TATA CLiQ app is the icing on the cake, offering the latest styles, great deals, and flexible shopping options.

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