Snappages.com website builder started in 2008, truly one of the first to deliver this innovative drag and drop approach. They have around 10 years of experience to customize and refine the website building process. This new website builder is so simple to use that anyone can create a professional website in no time at all.

With SnapPages, it's no longer required to build a separate mobile version of your site. They have designed every perspective of the templates to automatically scale and adjust the layout based on the screen size. They have also built customizable photo galleries to assist you to capture the attention of your website's visitors.

The inbuilt blogging tool makes it simpler to share your ideas worldwide. With tons of combined features that bloggers will love (commenting, index page layouts, advertisement injection points, and more), they make blogging a seamless process.

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$15.00 / Month


$ 22.00 / Month

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Snappages.com is definitely one of the most renowned and well known. They have mainly 100 Blocs to pick from to build a website. All of the sites are fully mobile-friendly. The one great feature that I should mention here is the built-in blogging tools to make any blog creation very much effortless from a design perspective. Last but not least. They assist with all the queries and problems of the clients. So, Highly recommended.

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