Pepperfry is the perfect online shopping destination in India for anyone looking for stylish furniture and home decor. Established in 2012, they offer a wide range of products, including furniture, home decor, kitchen and dining, and more, with the added convenience of cash on delivery facilities.

Pepperfry stands out from the competition with its logistics arm, PepCart, which provides efficient first-mile and last-mile logistics services to buyers and sellers in over 500 cities. They have a team of over 1,000 supply chain professionals and specialized build-to-suit warehouses in Mumbai, Gurugram, Jodhpur, and Bangalore, ensuring that your furniture and home goods are transported and stored safely.

Moreover, Pepperfry values its customers, offering around-the-clock support through phone calls, emails, and 24/7 chat services. Pepperfry is also a pioneer of the omnichannel business model. Their 200+ studios in over 100 cities offer customers a unique experience where they can co-create their dream homes with the help of interior design consultants.

Pepperfry provides extensive products, reliable logistics, and exceptional customer service. It’s the best place for anyone looking for affordable and stylish furniture and home decor.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Pepperfry.com is one of biggest online shopping platform for furnishing your home. They have various furniture options according to your area of the house. There are several discounts available during the festive season.

  2. Robin Rajan

    I will advise everyone looking to purchase furniture from pepperfry not to buy from them. There is no advantage of buying from them. They are really a reseller for other brands. Look for what you like in the pepperfry website, and then go directly to vendor’s website and purchase from them.

    The worst thing about buying from Pepper fry is that they take 30 to 45 days to deliver the product to our address. As oppose to if you had purchased from vendors you would have got it fairly quickly. Their damage redressal process is horribly slow as well. Nothing is good in this store other than the selection of products. On top of it their is cancellation has a fees of 2.5 % of the purchase.

    It is better to purchase from local store instead of them. I am regretting to purchase a 36000 Rs worth Wardrobe from them.

  3. Shivaji Mitra

    For all your furniture as well as home decor needs in India, Pepperfry is the perfect destination. They offer affordable, stylish furnishings and home decor that helped me transform my home into the ideal sanctuary.

    Pepperfry’s focus on logistics, such as PepCart, providing top-notch first-mile and last-mile logistics services, ensures your furniture and home decor products will arrive safely and securely.

    What’s more, their unique omnichannel model means that I can also visit their studios in over 100 cities, where I can co-create my dream home with the help of interior design consultants.

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