$0.00 is a great online store builder platform and is superior in regards to most competition. It's easy to work with and understand, looks very professional, and there are constant upgrades and new services. The creation tools, widgets and layouts are very user friendly.

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Description is a very good place to set up business especially if you are new at doing business on line. They show you how to not only set up a website but how to put it on google and get your business happening. It is step by step – but you have to also be prepared to put in the hours yourself to set it up. You can use for free forever but there are also few premium features which are available with different Packages.

Use the Store Builder to build your perfect store design from the ground up to your exact specifications. You can browse hundreds of designs, and can create your own and save your own library of themes to use throughout the year. From simple two-color minimalist designs to graphic-laden masterpieces. You will get full HTML and CSS access to create the store of your dreams. has many features like Image editor, theme editor, social media sharing, design library, many management tools, single page checkout, flexible shipping rules, over 20 marchent provider, currency converter, offline payments and many more features.

The best part of is their Customer Support. They respond to all the queries from their clients within 3 hrs time. Their customer service team is extremely polite, supportive, and active 24*7.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    One of the best Customer support I have seen so far. They are extremely prompt on giving support to any query. is easy to use and well integrated so that a person with minimal skill can make a clear, solid, and customer friendly store. When there are updates or issues in building the store or adding to it, they don’t just send you nonsensical links in hope you can sift your way through the text to find the answer yourself. An actual support representative replies to you, works with you and in cases where things are not working, will take the time and try doing it for you.

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