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Accessibility Press by Jobaerul Kaes is a powerful WordPress accessibility plugin that enables people with disabilities to navigate your website more easily. It offers instant installation and activation without complex configuration and can help your site achieve an AA rating of WCAG 2.0, making it compliant with accessibility standards.

The plugin works with any WordPress site regardless of the theme or language. Its toolbar contains several accessibility features such as font resizing, magnification, link and headline highlighting, image tooltips, greyscale, negative contrast, content navigation with a keyboard, and block animations. These tools make it easier for people with visual, hearing, or motor disabilities to use your website.

Accessibility Press also has customizable features that allow you to position the toolbar on the left or right, add it to mobile devices, choose RTL or LTR language options, and customize button titles and toolbar colours to match your theme.

The primary benefit of Accessibility Press is its ability to make your website more accessible to people with disabilities, allowing them to navigate and interact with your site more effectively. Its easy installation, customizable features, and powerful accessibility toolbar make it an excellent choice for website owners looking to improve their site's accessibility and inclusivity.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Accessibility Press is a very popular WordPress Plugin. Highly Recommended.

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