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Accessibility Lite by Sitelinx is a powerful WordPress accessibility plugin designed to help website owners improve their website's accessibility while enhancing their SEO efforts.

Its lightweight coding and “Fix missing ALT attributes on IMG tags” feature helps to ensure all images have proper alternative text while inheriting your website's default font family and style, making it easier to integrate with your website.

Accessibility Lite offers various customization options, such as the ability to choose the type of effect for focus mode, links underline, and the front-end panel side. Additionally, it includes features like font resizing, colour contrast adjustment, and screen reader enhancements to make it easier for users with disabilities to access your website's content.

The plugin also allows you to add a link to your accessibility statement page and feedback page in the front-end panel, demonstrating your commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

In general, Accessibility Lite by Sitelinx is an excellent choice for website owners who are highly aware of website speed preferences and their effect on their SERP rankings and want to create a more accessible and user-friendly website.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    I recently discovered Accessibility Lite by Sitelinx and can’t recommend it enough! I care more about website accessibility and SEO, and this plugin is what I was looking for. Not only is it lightweight and fast, but it also helps me improve my website’s accessibility without sacrificing performance or design.
    One of my favourite features of this plugin is the ‘Fix missing ALT attributes on IMG tags’ feature, which automatically adds alternative text to all of my images, saving me much time.

    Its customization options allow me to adjust the font size, contrast, and focus mode for a user-friendly website.

    So, be sure to check out this excellent tool!

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