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Maria Peagler is the founder of Willow Ridge Press, a small independent publishing house located in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in north Georgia. Willow Ridge Press’ debut title, Color Mastery, won a Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Craft Book of 2009 at the Independent Publishers Association annual awards in New York City. Maria is the author of nine books and counting, many of them award-winners. She is also an award-winning art quilter, designer of the JoAnn’s 2010 QuiltBlocks quilt Arbor Lane, and instructor who specializes in workshops that allow quilters to find the creative person within themselves they never thought they could be. Maria made the website quiltsandcreativity.com to help those who wants to learn about quilting.

The team at Anblik.com has done an amazing job at perfecting a website to exceed even my own expectation. The swift fulfillment of all elements of the project have not only led to a positive rating but more so established a prosperous long term business relationship. Excellent job.

Maria PeaglerOwner - Quiltsandcreativity

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