August 26, 2019
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Maria pager founded the Willow Ridge Press. An independent press house in North Georgia. At Independent Publishers Association annual awards in New York City, Willow Ridge Press' debut title, Color Mastery, won a Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Craft Book of 2009. She wrote nine books and counting. On the other hand, she is an Award-winning art quilter. She is the creator of JoAnn’s 2010 QuiltBlocks quilt Arbor Lane. She is an instructor who specializes in workshops that allow quilters to find the creative person within themselves.

The team here at Anblik has designed Quiltsandcreativity on Adobe Photoshop and developed the site on WordPress. This site basically portrays a particular culture, Quilt. We helped her showcasing her quilt enthusiasm here.

Quiltsandcreativity Website Scresnshot
The team at Anblik.com has done an amazing job at perfecting a website to exceed even my own expectation. The fulfillment of all elements of the project led to a positive rating and established long-term business relationship.
Maria Peagler


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Skills: CSS3HTML5Magazine & Blog SitesOnline MagazinePHPWordPress

Location: Jasper, USA

Client Name: Maria Peagler

Portfolio URL: https://quiltsandcreativity.com/