Ananyoo Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes

Speaking of the best accessible theme Ananyoo is the best one you are looking for, which meets guidelines of WCAG 2.0 AA, Section 508 and ADA. Choose this creative WordPress theme for developing a successful individual or company website especially if you are obliged to meet WCAG 2.0 standards by law.

You will have our guide to make a website accessible by utilizing our Accessibility Ready WordPress Theme Ananyoo. If you can’t do it yourself, we will help you do so and throughout your project cycle, as much as you need. Like, from purchasing your domain to hosting and then making it accessible and finally, we can help to promote it.

Ananyoo offers a better experience for users with disabilities and makes websites look attractive, it also allows you to do business in countries where accessibility is a legal obligation.

Ananyoo Accessible website Screenshot
Ananyoo is our dream WordPress Theme Project. There are few Accessible ready WordPress Theme available but we made Ananyoo be largest amongst all. It got all needed features to make site looks modern, elegant and side by side, it will also convert a website into an ADA Compliance site.
Mr. Shivaji Mitra


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Skills: Section 508 StandardsWCAG 2.0WCAG 2.0 AAWeb AccessibilityWordPress

Location: Kolkata, India

Client Name: Shivaji Mitra

Portfolio URL: https://ananyoo.com