FBC India

August 26, 2019
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FBC (Foundation for Business Competitiveness) is helping Businesses to serve high-value markets by application of innovative tools molded by high-quality research. They believe in collaborating and sharing, differentiation and innovation & Research-based bench-marked solution approach. They always deliver timely. They always keep their solution efficient and their primary goal is to focus on clients success.

The business consultancy firm had their requirement to make a website to provide various kind of services to different business owners in these competitive market. Team Here at Anblik has designed the website on Adobe Photoshop and made the website dynamic with WordPress.

FBC India Website Screenshot
Anblik is to be admired for their very rapid response time and going the extra mile to help us out at odd hours to help upload things that were still required before a launch deadline. Things worked out very well. Good job.
FBC India

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Location: Delhi, India

Client Name: FBC India

Portfolio URL: https://www.fbc-india.org/