August 27, 2019
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LuxaLeaf is 100% Indian owned. Started in Kolkata in 2015 with a local name, and they're proud to say that in that time it become recognised worldwide and trusted go-to brand for organic and natural makeup. All of their products use only the essential quality ingredients, pose no harm to people or the ecosystem, and are independently certified-nontoxic. They offer genuine Ecocert certified ingredients that have their formulation and production. Ecocert is the certification body that is accountable for the growth of standards for natural and organic ingredients that they used in different cosmetic formulations. The recommended ingredients should be from renewable and natural resources.

Their award-winning range of Organic Skin Care products is 100% vegan, chemical and preservatives free, handmade in Kolkata, India. They provide incredibly useful natural and organic skin care which presents real results at an affordable cost, lovingly packaged with a clean conscience.

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They listened and spent sufficient time to understand our products and information to make certain our website was suitable. In a nutshell, they have done an excellent job.
Bidisha Mukherjee


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