Mercantile Cargo Terminal Operation

Mercantile Cargo Terminal Operation

Project Description

Mercantile Cargo Terminal Operation mainly provides container tracking service. They offer various services like container tracing, Freighting in Cargo, Vessel Tallying. They also offer to accept partly customized or tailor-made service that suits you at your convenience and budget. MCTO have taken initiation to offer transparent operation activities to customers. Also, they can track container shipments through MCTO integrated system giving position tracking of the container while at the port environs. Here Website Developers at Anblik has designed this site using PHP CodeIgniter Framework and also implemented Container Tracking System into this website.

Such a nice professional team to work  for my project. Thank you !

Yusuf M HamzaShipping/Logistics & IT Sales Consultancy Management - Mercantile Cargo Terminal Operation

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