OSTechNix (Open Source, Technology, Nix*) started operations in 2012, a place where people could build on the extensive knowledge of their technical writers, to make the website an ideal place where they can publish the How-to articles, Latest News, Tutorials and Tips & Tricks about Open-Source and free software and technology. They offer quality information and try to present in the most accurate model. They provide an honest opinion where it is appropriate, without having an overall effect of the accuracy of the technical details provided.

They have approached Anblik in the first place to start it all from the beginning. So basically, we have designed their logo at first, then using photoshop, create the Layout of their Website. After, we made the site dynamic using WordPress and, using Php added extra functionality since we have been maintaining their website.

Ostechnix Website Screenshot
They have done and have been doing excellent job on our website. Anblik really made it all possible as we wanted
Senthil Kumar Palani


Portfolio Details

Skills: CSS3HTML5Magazine & Blog SitesOnline MagazinePHPWordPress

Location: Erode, India

Client Name: Senthil Kumar Palani

Portfolio URL: https://www.ostechnix.com