Project Description

Anandodhara – The Stream of Joy established in the year 1996 is committed to the promotion of literature, culture, art and music of the Indian subcontinent in Australia. Their mission is to promote, spread and share the joy of innovation and creativity involving community members from different walks of life. They plan and organise various cultural and literary events with voluntary time commitment from participants on and off the stage.

With limited means and committed support from very talented individuals and organizations they have organised twelve cultural events in the past 16 years. These events reflect their dream and passion for artistic freedom and choice. They named their dream journey as “Anandodhara – The Stream of Joy”. They makes print and other media available to the wider community so that readers are aware of current events and can be in touch with current trends at their place of origin. “Anandodhara Readers Forum” is an event based initiative by the readers, patrons and well wishers of this literary network across Australia that has evolved in an organic way due to SMG’s regular and committed print media service all over Australia. There is no formal entry or exit point to our forum. Anandodhara welcome all to participate in their journey and enjoy maintaining the core philosophy and outlook.

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Srimanta MukherjeeOwner - Anandodhara

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