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August 26, 2019
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Shahenai.com is a Bengali Marriage agency based in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is one of the biggest and modern Bengali matrimonial websites in India. Their aspiration is to serve all eligible Bengali brides and Bengali grooms to one extent are to simplify their life partner searching.

The objective of Shahenai.com is to produce more and more people below their matchmaking/matrimony service with various mother tongues, religions, communities, locations they have commenced to work under the company called Wedding bell Associates.

Without knowing a person’s thought, choice, experience, family, goal matchmaking is not reasonable. Shahenai.com do assemble information from the qualified brides and grooms and implement matchmaking service from both online and offline.
At present many like-minded people operating together and resembling for more and more team member to be a piece of all time successful and strong team in the matrimony service field.

In Anblik we have designed and developed their Online matrimonial website on php. On the website, you can always ask for their services like of course Matchmaking, Wedding Planning and can view their blog about the successful marriages they have done all these years.

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The whole process of developing and managing the website was complete excellence. I would recommend everyone and eve myself for Anblik everytime, whenever there is a demand to making website.
Rudra Prasad Saha


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