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Have you, like many others believe hiring a digital marketing agency is for the three main reasons – developing the site, managing the videos and content, and administering the configuration and users? However, it's important to realize how having a long-term site maintenance plan is also very important.
Open source CMS like WordPress or Drupal implements regular security updates. There's an undeniable risk of having your site hacked if you ignore to check the sites' security updates regularly.

We, at Anblik, bring you the excellent website maintenance services which are done by the senior-level professionals to give your website visitors a seamless surfing experience.

To help our clients understand in a nutshell the importance of having a long-term site maintenance plan, here are some points:

  • Security is the crux reason to keep your site maintained.
  • Risk of damage to the integrity of your site goes higher the more you skip the updates.
  • To avoid poor user experience and unnecessarily keep the outdated features, regular website updates are necessary

Why choose us?

  • Alteration/adjustment or addition of website content
  • Expansion of new pages on the website
  • Updation of content on the web pages
  • Replace images – such as outmoded pictures or graphics
  • Database support and management

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