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Vibracart Paypal is a simple to install substitute for Paypal's shopping cart. Vibracart Paypal can either popup over your pages or users can install it by themselves which means no irritating new browser windows, each time user click Add to cart button.

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If you have Paypal's add to cart buttons on your site, then get rid of that, which opens in a new window on every button click and replaces it with Vibracart Paypal. Vibracart can hover above or be embedded in your page keeping your clients on your site until they are ready to check out. Vibracart Paypal is simple to integrate into a website and works with all the features you currently use in your buttons.

Improving the cart process, Vibracart Paypal includes a number of new features such as discounts, coupon codes and product images. You can ask the user to agree to the terms before checkout as well. Installing Vibracart Paypal is easy. If you use normal Paypal add to cart buttons, then you require to add a few lines to every page where your buttons are. If you have used Paypal hosted buttons, then you can easily update them using Paypal's button creator.

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Vibracart Paypal

$ 29.95 Onetime

Vibracart Paypal & Linklok Paypal bundle

$ 49.95 Onetime

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  1. 5 out of 5

    This is one of the easiest scripts to install. It is very finely written in a step-by-step manner and accurately documented. Amazing product. So as their customer support on the other hand. Would highly recommend this to anyone with a similar predicament.

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