Transacting through Paynimo is as easy as forwarding a text message. All you require to know is what you already know – your consumer’s mobile number or email ID! Paynimo runs across all devices and banks, so you can control transactions, anywhere and anytime. Paynimo changes your regular reminder emails and SMS into actionable payment tools, thereby improving your collections. Paynimo works flawlessly across all devices and banks. You and your consumer can handle transactions with total support!

Our two-factor authentication service and the tremendous level of compliance with industry PCI DSS criteria and guidelines guarantee that all money transactions are remarkably safe. Paynimo even forms a secure invitation code. Great of all, you never have to share detailed account info. Consumers can pay through Real-time Gross Settlement System) (RTGS), Instant Money Payment System (IMPS), National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) Cards, (Debit, Credit, Prepaid, Commercial) Netbanking (Corporate and Retail) and e-wallets. Paynimo does provide refunds to customers. It depends on the consumer’s bank and the payment type they have picked, returns to consumer’s account can take up to a maximum of ten business days.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Paynimo, the revolutionary way to send, receive & request money. You can make transactions with a phone number and email ID! Transactions via Paynimo are simple, secure and accessible! No more restricted payments, dealing with a wrong/fake invoice or your delivery boy messing up a transaction! To experience the process of sending, receiving and requesting money via Paynimo, please click on the video link.

  2. Sindhoor

    Frustrated. I used it for bank loan payments as they forced me to pay through paynimo.
    Out of 6 payments, 2 are failed and didn’t get any proper response. When the payment is done, it won’t refresh fast. If we wait for a very long time also, there won’t be any use. They need to improve a lot in this.
    I used many other payment options, this is the second-worst among all.

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