HumCommerce helps Consumers to record visitor assemblies and watch how they peruse your website. Which sections do they get mistaken about, where do they give the most time? Then perform changes to push them along the funnel, leading to bigger sales. Heatmaps give you dropped insights that can lead to an improvement in conversions. Are users clicking on faces and images that are not links at all? Get every click count, if you show them what they want to see they will buy from your shop! Optimise your web page based on reliable results.

Setup E-Commerce Funnels in some clicks & assume valuable knowledge of where your users are dropping out. Optimise your website at any stage of your funnel to skyrocket your growth. Funnel optimisation is NOT rocket science, begin today and see your traffic increase! Out of this affection is born the HumCommerce e-commerce analytics tool. We communicated with hundreds of e-commerce managers and individual owners who strive to obtain relevant business insights. We have seen the pathway to increase get lost in multiple reports and we’ve made it our mission to present simple, actionable e-commerce insights.

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  1. Shivaji Mitra

    Humcommerce is a software that lets you promptly see who is on your site and interact with them in practical methods. It was designed to assist you promptly understand what is happening on your website, understand problem areas & solutions, and transfer out to consumers. The code is clear, very less complex and designed not to slow your page.

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