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Project Description

In researches carried out on adult numeracy, it was evident that there was room for concern, about a numeracy skills deficit. The concern was stronger in the fields of education of students, as non-literacy and numeracy skills limit individuals’ life chances while also affecting negatively on national productivity. In Australia, the decline in literacy and numeracy skills amongst students was a concern for the Government and, Educational bodies around the country.

The Fonceca family in Perth, Western Australia approached our team here at Anblik to develop this website and as well as mobile app for the same, which would certainly improve the numeracy skill for kids. So, we did design their logo and website layout using Photoshop and on the other hand, made the website completely dynamic using WordPress and on the other hand we have developed the app for both Android and iOS platforms which are responsive for any tablet or mobile devices as the website. Following are the links for the Apps:-

Both the design and development of the Website and the Apps were excellent by the Anblik team. They delivered us on time and with the accurate requirement we had in mind.

Russel FoncecaDirector - Sum Genius

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