Project Description is one of Dr. Richard Schechtman creations for his Patients to calculate their expenses for their treatments through their devices. Dr. Richard Schechtman is an award-winning orthodontist in Jefferson Valley and White Plains, NY. His orthodontics team offers the most advanced braces from kids to adults, including SureSmile and Invisalign.

Anblik has developed a customizable and entirely free Finance Calculator in and through this Payment Calculator users can obtain general estimates of monthly costs and the number of payments for orthodontic treatment. They have also an app EZ Ortho Pay for both Android and iOS platform to do the same. Once you sign up it is easy for access further.


Features –

  • Average total treatment costs for adults
  • Typical treatment costs for children
  • Approximate costs for limited treatments
  • Your options for monthly payment amounts

Anblik has designed their app for both iOS and Android platform which can calculate their expenses for their orthodontic treatments. Following are the links for both Android and iOS apps:-

Congratulations! The website and The Apps works perfectly now! Thanks for the work.

Dr. Richard SchechtmanOwner - Schechtman Orthodontics

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