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January 1, 2018
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One gets a daily dosage of health and beauty tips from the Gurus of Jeddah in Saudi Beauty Blog. For all the beauty, health and fashion enthusiast people they are on a mission to find the next big thing.

This blog is the Saudi’s destination for beauty, inside and out with hundreds of articles by experts. Those articles are covering skincare, makeup, health, fashion, hair, fitness, and lifestyle. We publish twice a day with a weekly newsletter on beauty, directly to your inbox. They focus on the latest products, research, and trends in beauty overall to help the modern Saudi woman lead a healthier, happier, and a more beautiful life.

They approached Anblik with their enthusiasm to develop their Fashion Blog. We developers and designers here at Anblik made the site on WordPress. We have made their fashion blog in a way which projected the all the fashion and Beauty related topics that can help you make healthier life choices.

Jeddah beauty blog
After I hired him for the work, he made me feel that we were partners in the project. Very time focused, communicated regular, and communicates in a number of ways (phone, SMS, Skype, email, etc). It was an absolute pleasure.
Ameem Haq


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