Japan Macro Advisors

Japan Macro Advisors

Project Description

Japan Macro Advisors offers an independent and unbiased economic analysis on the Japanese economy. Through their forecast, regularly updated economic commentaries, over 2000 downloadable economic data and free use of interactive charts, they aim to contribute to an open and evidence-based debate on Japan’s economic future.

Japan Macro Advisors Mission

Their mission is to provide a concise and timely analysis on the Japanese economy for the benefit of global audiences. Communication, especially in foreign languages, has always been a weakness for the Japanese, which was fine when Japan’s economic might attracted foreign media and various other institutions to study and report on Japan – such days are long gone.

Website is great, Price was great, Installation, Customization and service was great. Would work with them again.. Shivaji, Thanks again.

Takuji OkuboCEO - Japan Macro Advisors

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