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Archives: Testimonials

Client Dustin Burleson

Dr.Dustin Burleson

I had the pleasure of working with Shivaji on many projects and he always delivers quality results on time. I’ve been so pleased that I have als...

Client Onur Haytac

Onur Haytac

Shivaji had always delivered the best results with mind blowing eCommerce Website and always on time.

Client Patricia Gaines

Patricia Gaines

Shivaji helped me bring my vision for my company to life by providing excellent software and website solutions in a fast moving market. I would have n...

Client Monica H San Miguel

Monica H. San Miguel

Shivaji is an expert on website development. I plan on continuing to hire him as for all of our Internet business needs because of the results we have...

Client Mikal Lewis

Mikal Lewis

Anblik is by far the best programming, design and web development team i have ever worked with on or off elance. Their understanding of web 2.0 concep...

Client Saurav Sen

Saurav Sen

Shivaji joined Gomark in Nov 1999 as leader of the web programming team and was responsible for building e-commerce sites. He introduced several new p...

Client Manuj Gupta

Manuj Gupta

Shivaji did an excellent job. He understood the requirements well and did his best to complete the job as early as possible. Most definitely recommend...

Client Todd Mumford

Todd Mumford

Shivaji is an expert in WordPress and development. He is extremely detailed and vigilant about performing tasks to completion well ahead of time. He i...

Client Ameem Haq

Ameem Haq

This is the GURU. Of course he is already rated the best, but Shivaji is an exceptional and very experienced guru. Shivaji made me feel he was a partn...

Client Barry Lycka

Dr. Barry Lycka

A Guru, who produced an brilliant Accessible (Section 508 Compliance) and Usable website.