Logo Design Portfolio from Logo Design Company Kolkata

August 26, 2019
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This is the #1 hotspot for skillful logo design work. A great many organizations and new companies trust Anblik Logo Design Company Kolkata for its different logo configuration work. We make present-day web 3.0 style Logo Design and documents of the logo will be around 1.5MB. Our standard conveyance technique is email. Our logo configuration work process has five stages which are the following.

Step 1: Acquiring specific information and requirements
Step 2: Research and visualization of the Logo concepts
Step 3: Designing Logo samples
Step 4: Iterations on selected Logo design
Step 5: Final delivery of logos in specified format

Our final step includes altering and refining the logo with all the primary highlights. In affirmation from our client, we will give the logo structure & configuration with all the file formats. Those file formats are compatible to use on print and additionally web.

Logo Design from Anblik showcase
Anblik has been on the business for designing logo for over a decade now. From every aspect we have gone through, our work is here on display.
Shivaji Mitra

Owner (Anblik)

Portfolio Details

Skills: Adobe PhotoshopCorelDRAW

Location: Kolkata, India

Client Name: Shivaji Mitra

Portfolio URL: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mKM6j3BewA-7Jys7kFLXxheEkBWDJwx2?usp=sharing