Argy Property Real Estate Agent and Property Managers

Argy Property Real Estate Agent and Property Managers

Project Description

Argy Property is a progressive family business that has been established for over 20 years in the St George area.
Over the years our office has provided, and continues to provide real estate services for families and investors.
Their office in Kogarah provides a prime location for promoting your property to the high volume of visitors to Kogarah CBD.

Argy Property are located directly in the CBD of Kogarah, their office receives an enormous amount of passing trade from local residents, commuters, professionals and business people who work in Kogarah.

At Argy property they are renown for their attention to detail coupled with their ability to go that extra mile in order to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. This has resulted in a long list of very satisfied clients who either use their services again and again, or refer their friends, family and associates.

They cracked an extremely difficult project involving complex technology. Even though the project turned out to be much more complex than expected, we have never heard a word of complaint from Anblik team. Instead they strived harder to accomplish the task. Anblik will undoubtedly be our choice number one for any project.

Walter GlaserCEO - Argy Property

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