Top 5 Misconceptions of a Free Website Builder

Top 5 Misconceptions of a Free Website Builder

For those debuting into the world wide web and wondering how you reach the online community using this powerful tool or if you just need a website to promote your products or services but don’t have a clue where to start and don’t have the resources to hire someone to build one for you, you can use a website builder. In your floundering about the world wide web, you have read about blogs and related information, but you don’t even know what a website builder or even eCommerce shopping cart builder is in the first place. We discussed here about Top 5 Misconceptions of a Free Website Builder.

To start the newbie out, a website builder is a tool that allows you to create a website without manual coding. This enables you to override all the technical knowledge needed to produce a website from scratch.

So, you wonder if your Do It Yourself website will take off into the light of the day without you having any technical knowledge to build it, and the answer is yes. Why? There are many misconceptions about free website builders, but they are disproved right here.

1. You need to have programming knowledge to use a free website builder

Now that is a load of hogwash. You need exactly zero programming skills to use a website builder. All you need is creativity and a good understanding of what you want to use the website for. Then you choose a good online website builder, and you are good to go. Good website builders have wizards or templates which help you build your website from scratch without using a single code.

2. A free website builder will not give you the best features for your website

This is certainly not true! All free website builders have built in features that help you choose beautiful designs, apps, settings and menus that will enable your website to be as interactive as possible. Just keep working on it to discover what the capabilities are, and try them out. 24X7 advice should not be far away either.

3. A free website builder will have glitches

This could not be further from the truth. Website builders that host multiple websites make sure that they give their users the best quality. How would they attract people to use their product if it has glitches? The fact that it's free does not mean its poor quality. The cliché that free is cheap is not true of website builders. So go ahead and use any of the free website builders available online.

4. Free Website Builders don’t allow you to make changes to your content

All website builders enable you to create your content and change it whenever and wherever you like. The fact that they host your website does not give you less of a right to control the content you have on your site.

5. Using a free website builder will make search engines rank your website low

Nay! Great many websites that are ranking high on search engines are created and hosted on free website builders. It's the content that you put on your website that matters, not the website builder hosting it. So don’t be afraid of using a website builder, just make sure your content is relevant and attractive enough for people and search engines.

There, you have it all. Armed with this information plunge into the world wide web and create your own website. To gain more confidence, work on an offline page on your computer and when done, settings are available that will allow you to publish the document you have created onto an online website builder which will facilitate ease of formatting the webpage and work from there!

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    I actually have a tendency to go along with all the things that was posted throughout “Top 5 Misconceptions of a Free Website Builder | Anblik Web Design Company”. Thanks a lot for all the tips.Thanks,Claude

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