Things That Still Matter for SEO

Things That Still Matter for SEO

Things That Still Matter for SEO

Are you keeping up with the latest trends is SEO world? With the digital retail models taking over bricks and mortar, businesses including are doing their best to have their websites ranked top on search engine result pages like Google. There are two ways to do it: going organic by following good SEO practices or buy your way up the top through paid advertising.

When it comes to SEO, this digital marketing strategy is usually marred by misinformation and highly conflicting advice. This is because there are those who say that the use of keywords and link building doesn’t matter anymore while others still put them among the rules effective SEO. While the factors that search engines use to rank websites change from time to time, research on ranking factors has shown that some factors still matter to a great extent when used in the right way. So, what are these things that really matter for SEO?

Quality Content

The content that you use should give answers to the questions that people have. The use of specific keywords that best describe your business may earn you traffic and clicks, but Google does not see quality in clicks anymore. Instead, they are concerned about the post-click activity. How are surfers interacting with your website? If your site has high bouncing rates, it means that people are not satisfied with the content and Google will view it as such giving you lower rankings.

Quality content that is easy to digest has a way of catching people’s attention, and this is why in SEO, content is still king.

Link Building
Things That Still Matter for SEO
The use of backlinks as a good SEO practice has been misused by a majority of website owners and that is why you will hear many of them saying that the use of link building is dead for SEO. This is because they desperately look for any backlinks and when they get, majority of them may be from the same domain. Unfortunately, quality and not just any backlink is still one of the most important ranking signals for search engines. The best way to get quality backlinks is to get contextual mentions from authoritative websites which may require some extra PR efforts.

Content Size

Unlike a few years ago when a 300-word article was pretty long, things are not the same today in terms of the preferred content size. Longer articles of between 1200 to 2000 words receive higher SEO rankings, get more shares on social media and receive more traffic.

Compared to short articles, long articles have more words and images that can be ranked and in order to make them easy to read, the content should be broken down into subheadings, bullet points and unique images as well. Remember that SEO benefits of long –form content only holds when the content is meaningful and relevant to the users. This includes covering one topic at a time in-depth.

Website Speed

Nobody wants to keep waiting in order to get the things that they need and this is the same with search engines. Search engines prefer sites that load faster and if yours tend to be slow, you need to take some drastic measures because it costs you in terms of SEO rankings. You may need to use a good plugin to increase your site speed.

To promote your website, you need to employ effective digital marketing and SEO strategies. Apart from improving on the above SEO factors, a branding agency like Mosaico PR will need to employ latest SEO trends such as mobile optimization, voice search function and incorporating local SEO.

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