ADA – Section 508 – WCAG 2.1 Compliance Service for Websites

How can we help in Website Testing and Quality Assurance?

Website Quality Control

Anblik offer a number of different website solutions like Website Testing and Quality Assurance. We specialize in making sure that your websites meet high accessibility standards by comprehensively analyzing your website.

We provide accessible web design and ensure that your website meets the strictest standards online. Our website testing experience extends to almost all industries including health care, recreation, government, employment and e-commerce. We also have the expertise to develop first class web products which will meet any business’s requirements. We use website testing and quality assurance technologies which have been tried and tested over a period of years and have proven to be helpful for businesses in your particular industry. Once your website has been developed our experts get to work on testing it out prior to it being approved.

We have launched a demo of our Accessible WordPress Theme which was. This will give you a fair idea of our hard work and quality consciousness while developing a site of this standard.

Web Accessibility Coding (Programming)

AccessibilityAnblik has demonstrated remarkable innovation, creative approach, and process methodology to ensure the best possible web accessible design solutions for your company. We will fully design and implement the most current W3C WCAG and US Section 508 web accessibility standards into your new site to ensure that handicapped visitors can experience your site with ease. Our team of web developers and designers are experienced with every aspect of constructing an accessible web site within all accessibility guidelines, creating a beautiful and fully functioning site that will appeal to all viewers with or without disabilities.

Consulting and Accessibility & Usability Testing Services

UsabilityWhen we talk about usability we mean the ability for an average user with average abilities to use your website. Usually, high accessibility standards also means that usability is added to a website however, the accessibility of your website goes well beyond mere usability. Our objective is to effectively relay information to the user in a quick and concise manner. We focus on putting the most important things about your products and services in easy to read areas which gets visitors to take action.

Our consulting and Accessibility testing services focus on providing you with an in-depth analysis of your website. We will outline the weaknesses and strengths of your current design / layout and also explain how and what can be done to achieve better results by effectively targeting the average user or ones who have disabilities.

We can also help you if you need to confirm with the regulations of the DDA or Section 508 or even if you want your website to confirm to W3C’s and WAI’s specifications. Our report will provide you with a highly detailed evaluation which outlines if changes are needed.

W3C Standards Compliance

W3CWe currently offer services which are aimed at ensuring your website is compliant with W3C standards. Complying with W3C standards will benefit your website in a number of ways. You can check your website using W3C’s markup Validator but checking your entire website using this Validator can become difficult, time consuming and sometimes even impossible. Plus you’ll also need to fix pages which do not comply. This is why our advanced W3C Standards Compliance service aims to ensure that your entire website complies without any effort on your part.

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