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How can we help in Website Testing and Quality Assurance?

Website Quality Control

The Web is essentially designed to work for peoplsse of all categories regardless of their language, location, choice of hardware, software, or physical ability. Unfortunately, not all applications, websites, technologies, or tools are built that even physically challenged people can use it for surfing.
The web is finding greater significance in our lives with each passing day through e-commerce, e-payments, e-paper, social media and much more. Web Accessibility testing ensures that individuals with physical constraints should also be able to use the system.

We have launched a demo of our Accessible WordPress Theme which was. This will give you a fair idea of our hard work and quality consciousness while developing a site of this standard.

Why Choose Us?

AccessibilityAt Anblik, we have senior level professionals, who with their complete understandability and productive approach assure that physically disabled visitors can explore your website without any complications.
We abide by the following:

How Web Accessibility Testing is relevant?


  • Easy and effective access to users with physical limitations or challenges
  • Improves efficiency and maintainability
  • Rises market share and audience reach
  • Support internationalization
  • Assists in access for low-bandwidth users

W3C Standards Compliance


  • Web Accessibility Guidelines are defined differently in different countries. Section 508 and WCAG guidelines are the standard guidelines in use.
  • Section 508 is the accessibility standard which states that all US government websites can be accessed by people with physical disabilities.
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG is another accepted accessibility standard for governments, organizations as well as individuals. Many countries have adopted WCAG 2.0 as their legal standard in evaluating web accessibility.

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