Selecting A Suitable Web Host – Six Factors You Must Consider

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Selecting A Suitable Web Host – Six Factors You Must Consider

Are you building a website for your business? If so, there is a very important task you should do first. This is choosing a suitable web host for your needs. Selecting a web host may look like an easy task while it is, in fact, daunting. With so many companies promising to offer you unlimited resources, 99 percent uptime and solid technical support; you could easily make the wrong decision. To assist you make the right choice, here are six factors you want to consider.

Cost of the hosting service

Price is the first thing that many novice webmasters would like to consider and it is okay. However, price is not the only factor you have to think about when selecting an appropriate web host. It could actually be the least important factor if your goal is to pick the right web host for a website that will sell products or services. If you intend to make money through your site, avoid cheap or free web hosting services. The reason why you have to pay nothing or very little money for their hosting service is because there is no technical support. Extended downtime will be inevitable and this will translate to business losses. It is wiser to choose an expensive dedicated hosting service as it will be managed on your behalf.

Technical support

When your website goes down you need immediate technical support to restore it. Prior to choosing a given service provider make sure that they have a twenty-four hour customer support service provided via email, instant chat feature, toll-free phone line or ticketing system. You have to know whether the company’s staffs are competent enough to know what’s wrong with your site and how it can be fixed and re-hosted. As you do your research you will find out that companies are not equal when it comes to the quality of their customer service. It is good to use a company that mostly provides support via a ticketing service, as it can solve your issue speedily.

Features provided

If you are serious about making money via your site, do not pick a host that just provides servers. There has to be one unique feature that separates a host from its competition. This add-on feature is what you want to focus on. It could be anything including regular data backups, many data centre, and free domain privacy among others. If you find one company that provides an add-on that you consider important, that can be a sign that you need to work with it. Perhaps you want to host an e-commerce website. If so you need a web host that can provide a shopping cart and an SSL certificate. Find out if a given web host offers support for auto responders, SMTP, email forwarders and IMAP among others. Website tools like galleries, blogs, forums and CMS are often provided for free.

Track record: read customer reviews

The customer testimonials provided on most websites do not necessarily represent the opinions of real and live people. Hence you need to be a little bit creative to get information from people who have bought hosting services from a given company. You can look the company up on social media or do a Google search for their blog. In addition, you could check whether there are complaints about them on the Better Business Bureau website.

Room for growth

Although you are building your website now it does not mean that you will be where you are now in the next five years. Therefore as you pick a hosting service you need to figure out whether they fit into your future plans. In short, what you think is adequate hosting now might not meet your requirements in the next few years. If a given host has dedicated server solutions or a VPS solution, that is a good sign that they will accommodate your growth in future.

User interface

Without a control panel or user interface you cannot edit your website without seeking help from the host’s technical support team. Even if the interface is there it should be customer-friendly and easy to figure out.

Conclusion & final suggestion

The above-mentioned tips should assist you when deciding on the best hosting company to work with. We also highly recommend checking sites like can give you all the necessary date needed when coming to choose your hosting. WPArena is another wonderful site where you can find handy tutorials and information regarding WordPress hosting and themes. By so doing you can avoid loss of revenue, malware attacks and poor search engine rankings in future.

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